Wash Cloud

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It is a “cloud service” provided by WashThru on an optional basis. This service primarily works by allowing central servers to access machines, having an active Wash-Cloud license to provide several additional unique features, including:

Preventive Maintenance of non-wearable Parts

Our central system uses several AI tools, which read performance processes of non-wearable parts, collecting information related to their life span based on historical records, as well as other parameters, including: the region, temperatures, humidity, salinity, etc.With this technology, remote maintenance staff can become aware of all parts to be replaced, which greatly guarantees continuity of the machine operations.

Auto Alerts

Receiving SMS alerts, especially in case of malfunction  or when the part lifespan is approached.

Continuous Updates

RND management constantly update the machines’ OS, in order to increase the safety level, improve performance and quality, and add other features. This service contributes to updating the machines’ OS continuously.

Auto Assistant System

It is a super smart system that functions if there are problems not identified directly. This system puts forward all the possibilities received within a few seconds, and then to issue a full report on the machine. Therefore, the system user can figure out the root causes of malfunctions without the need to make a site visit or conduct engineering diagnosis.

Displaying Solutions for Malfunctions

When human interventions are needed for repairs, this system displays solutions via videos, so that technicians or operators can know the required spare part and review the ideal repair method.

API Technology

It is a supplemental service for partners who have their own software, apps or ERP systems and wish to connect them to the machine’s systems. This technology allocates solutions based on the needs of partners for nominal fees, while this feature does not need any additional devices.

Cloud Storage

It provides the ability to store and review all historical data of machines at anytime and anywhere, which protects such data from loss.

Auto Reporting

Wash-Cloud System features the ability to automatically report any malfunction without the need for any manual reporting procedure. Once reported, the maintenance staff handle the malfunction based on severity.

Remote Control

The ability to access the machines’ systems for several basic and premium features using any electronic device (mobile or tablet) at anytime and anywhere around the world, while maintaining the highest safety standards without being present on the location of the machine.