We have Designed the Tunnel Machine to serve large and medium facilities, as it can wash vehicles sequentially without interruption. As a result, its capacity is up to 1.5 minutes per vehicle.
Saudi made
Higher production speed
Warranty on parts
Customer Service / 920012804
The machine can be operated sequentially without interruption
with a capacity covering more than one vehicle at a time.
Smart Sensors(IPS)
help the machines read the dimensions of the vehicle for optimal performance.
Spray primer before washing
that help loosen dirt
touchless mode is available
to speed up washing the light dirty vehicles
Spray crystal foam
Covering the entire vehicle
The brushes are running on a touch-based analysis which guarantees the best pressure.
Use ultra-soft micro foam brushes that are highly effective at picking up dirt and do not stick to any impurities or dust. There is an automatic brush washing system that works continuously to ensure safe performance on the vehicle’s paint.
Rinsing the car from the foam.
Spraying wax to maintain the shine of the car.
Drying the car at a rate higher than
The possibility of installing additional drying brushes, the device is designed to support water recycling devices
The machine was designed to resist the natural factors in our geographical area in order to be compatible with the high levels of dust, humidity and salinity, thus ensuring the best possible quality and performance in the local environmental conditions.Only stainless steel material is used in friction points.
Resistance to natural factors
Up to
Minutes Per Vehicle
This technology ensures the highest level of safety by stopping the machine completely or partially incase of a malfunction, then displaying all direct problems immediately.
Auto Tuning Technology
It enables the machine to automatically re-tune the parameters after every washing process without human intervention.
API Technology
It is a supplemental service for partners who have their own software, apps or ERP systems and wish to connect them to the machine’s systems. This technology allocates solutions based on the needs of partners for nominal fees, while this feature does not need any additional devices.
Smart Maintenance (SM) System
The machines are fully connected to WashThru systems to increase the levels of control, monitorin1and quality of maintenance operations.
Preventive Maintenance Technology "Ai"
This technology monitors all parts of the device and calculates its life span in order to enable us to obtain early warning in the event that the life of any part is approaching.
Wearable Part Lifespan Calculator
It is an interface that displays the life span of the Wearable parts of the machines and launches alerts via the system when their lifespan limit approaches, so that the partner can order and store such parts in advance and thus replace them on time or request the maintenance team to replace them on the earliest visit.
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